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Romeo is BIG and HANDSOME! At 16.3 hands, 18 years young, this gelding has a big motor and is fast. He’s been used as a barrel horse but was rushed and a bit soured. We are taking Romeo back to basics with slow work to help him find his ZEN. He is currently doing so well on the patter and on the trail. This guy is so fun to ride and is as sweet as they come. He is forward so he will require a rider with confidence and experience.

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If you're looking for your next unicorn, we have wonderful horses of all ages and disciplines who are looking for a loving new home.  The right home is the priority for Tough Luck Trio and our horses!

Our horses are never forgotten

Each and everyone one of these horses holds a special place in our heart!  Believe it or not, 3 of us don't always bond with a horse together.  Sometimes horses like one of us better than the other or responds better to one person…etc.  When they leave, they take a piece of us with them...

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